About Grow Crypto:

Grow Crypto aligns with clients in the cryptosphere to offer innovators a clear voice when developing emerging blockchain technologies.

Specializing in creative services that position clients for market cut-through and visibility, as niche content creators, the Grow team educate whilst we innovate. They are storytellers — not salespeople — and are passionate about making truthful and engaging content that advocates, educates and inspires communities.

Founder & CEO Peter Carroll catapulted into the industry through his opinion editorials, written under the pseudonym Bankless. His insightful thought leadership established his place as a prominent influencer, and paved the way for advisory positions on leading projects. His search for a creative agency with the skills to translate complex crypto topics exposed a gap for a niche studio. His vision to produce dynamic content for client products attracted a 40 strong team of visual storytellers. Giving birth to Grow.

Partner Dale Rennie is a highly successful serial entrepreneur. He is also Crypto Nut. He leads a community of 1300+ investors across the only public crypto portfolio. His market wrap is transparent, honest, encouraging and empowering. Since he began publicising his calls in September 2020 his portfolio now boasts a 10.8x over 59 picks. He brokers partnerships and builds movements.

Partner Elly Bradbury is a strategic engagement expert drawing on 20+ years executive production experience. As a studio director, she has commissioned writing teams and content creators, developing entertainment projects into global distribution channels. She is passionate about translating complex topics into people speak and has devised 50+ campaigns to position topic, product and conversation for mainstream engagement. Elly turns vision into action.

Having the Grow team work alongside us as we embark on our journey gives us great confidence as they allow us the time to work on the technical side of our project whilst they engage and educate the community on our behalf.

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