Hello Polkadot! We Are Live

3 min readJan 4, 2022


Since we launched, we have been waiting for the Polkadot ecosystem to mature and become operational, and when Moonbeam launched Moonriver we have been working long and hard on multiple fronts to bring dot.finance to Moonbeam and pursue our vision as becoming Polkadot’s first yield aggregator and defi hub.

How will this help the Moonbeam ecosystem?

Bringing our yield aggregation products to Moonbeam spur its growth trajectory by reducing barriers to participation while maximizing the performance and efficiency of assets and tokens that are deployed to different DeFi products.

Dot.Finance is designed to bring DeFi to a wide range of users and will help increase user exposure to the many benefits of Moonriver’s ecosystem. This will help grow the adoption of not just the Polkadot framework but the many new DeFi products and services that Dot.Finance is building on top of Moonriver’s safe, secure, and resilient architecture.

What have we done so far?

Over the past months, we have customized our yield aggregation contracts to be deployed on Moonriver as the first steps of our migration to Polkadot, and partnered with DIA oracle services to integrate their price feeds to ensure our vault’s safety.

These steps enable us to launch with our first vault strategies to maximize returns of the farms on Solarbeam — the current de-facto and biggest decentralized exchange on Moonriver.

At launch we will offer our auto-compounding strategy that will generate higher yields for the following farms:







PINK is cross-blockchain

How can dot.finance be part of Polkadot without bringing PINK with us? For this effort, we have partnered with Multichain Cross-Chain Router Protocol (formerly known as Anyswap) to create a bridge between Binance Smart Chain to Moonriver, in order to enable the safe transfer of our token PINK between blockchains.

Migration Incentivization Program

As voted on by our community, we have crafted an incentivization program to incentive liquidity to move from Binance Smart Chain to Moonriver by launching additional staking pools for PINK token which will offer high APY’s for users who will stake PINK and PINK-MOVR LP tokens in our platform.

Over the next 6 months, 5M tokens will be rewarded to each pool in addition to the current staking rewards which will cease on Binance Smart Chain to continue on Moonriver.

What are our plans for the future?

1. You should expect additional farms to be launched such as DAI-USDC & BUSD-USDC, and other projects in the Moonriver ecosystem. Want us to support your favorite farm? Come by and let us know!

2. Deploy our vault strategy and integrate with Sushi decentralized exchange and enable their users to auto-compound gains and maximize returns on their Sushi’s farms.

3. Launch and support additional vault strategies to offer even higher yields for current farms.

4. Integrate with Chainlink oracles on Moonriver to enhance our vault’s security with additional price feeds.

5. As the security and safety of our users’ funds is our first and foremost concern, we conduct additional audits for our contracts.

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