Renowned Crypto Personality Eric Su Joins Dot.Finance as Strategic Advisor

Eric Su, the Founder and CEO Of Exnetwork Capital, has recently joined the Dot.Finance board as a Strategic Advisor.

Dot.Finance is a new DeFi solutions platform built on the Polkadot network. It is designed to provide crypto traders and investors with access to a wide range of high-performance DeFi products that leverage the speed, scalability, and interoperability of Polkadot so that they can enjoy faster processing times, lower transaction costs, better customization, and better integrations than are available on other leading blockchains such as the Ethereum blockchain or the Binance Smart Chain.

In this way, Dot.Finance’s high-performance suite of DeFi tools is helping to grow the Polkadot ecosystem while simultaneously providing both novice as well as professional traders and investors with highly popular trade and investment opportunities such as yield farming, liquidity pooling, and staking that are run on Polkadot’s fast, resilient, and scalable network.

Mr. Su possesses a unique skill set of rapidly building development teams, tackling complex projects, and designing user-focused products while simultaneously balancing business needs. He has built teams all across the region, from the Philippines to Australia to Singapore, and he will provide Dot.Finance with invaluable insight into growing and expanding its services to a new set of regional traders.

Mr. Su, in his current role as CEO of Exnetwork Capital, plays an important role in funding innovation in the decentralization movement. Exnetwork Capital is a hybrid hyperconnected fund, as well as an idea lab and incubator. It aims to democratize access to opportunities to support blockchain projects and over the past several years, under Mr. Su’s leadership, it has evolved into a low-key, high-impact incubator that propels anonymous and public teams to long-term success.

With Mr. Su on its board, Dot.Finance can hyper-target its DeFi products to local markets and can introduce both new as well as seasoned traders and investors to the benefits of DeFi products built on Polkadot.

To learn more, join the Dot.Finance community here, and you can read more about the exciting work of Exnetwork Capital here.

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