The People Behind Dot Finance

The team behind Dot.Finance is on a mission to remove barriers to DeFi investing. And the icing on the cake is their easier-to-use investment options have embedded protocols to make you more money.

This is no empty claim — the team behind Dot.Finance has the pedigree to deliver.
The majority of the Dot.Finance team are OG DeFi royalty. If you familiarize yourself with a little project called Bancor which the majority of the team was responsible for. Bancor is now running with fully decentralized governance, essentially meaning that this team has already done what many project teams are attempting to do for the 1st time. That experience will be a key differentiator between this DeFi suite and others building on Polkadot.

The non-ex-Bancor additions to Dot.Finance’s team All-stars in their own right. Their combined credentials and plans for Dot.Finance has attracted a range of heavyweight strategic advisors such as “Poolz” Ceo Mr. Guy Oren, AU21 Capital, LD Capital, Kyle Chassé (Master Ventures).

All involved recognize the current gap on Polkadot for DeFi projects of this caliber and are aligned in seeing the massive potential and technical fit for Dot.Finance’s suite of DeFi applications (DAPPS) to catalyze DeFi on Polkadot.

Bancor created the building blocks of the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum by inventing the world’s first blockchain-based “AMM” (automatic market makers) and liquidity pools, paving the way for all other versions we see today and the foundation for what has become DeFi. So once Polkadot fully decentralized, the Dev team recognized it was the perfect platform to take what they had started with Bancor even further.

the team's signature move is in delivering sophisticated backend solutions which elegantly simplify a user's experience. Their strategic decision to provide DAPPS dedicated to Polkadot takes full advantage of the exponential growth the ecosystem will experience once its parachains come fully online. As projects take up the parachain slots and the demand for DeFi aggregators focused on $DOT swells, Dot.Finance intends to perfectly position itself as the House of DeFi on Polkadot by removing barriers to access, simplifying the actions needed to participate and this will all begin with Yield Farming.



House of DeFi, based on Polkadot

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